All day yesterday when I looked at the date, I thought, that date is so familiar.  No…the 22nd is my Alyssa’s birthday.  What is the 23rd?  Just thinking of the date even today fills me with warmth.  What happened on that day?  Was it last year?  Yesterday, yesterlife?  I looked up and there he stood.  Mitzi, the man, not the boy, slightly altered by time and health but those vivid baby blue eyes still looking softly right back at me.  There is a vibration deep in my body that resonates at the very thought of that glance.  Yes, even after all these years, of smooth and rough seas, I love him from a place that must have been born in me for it to last so long and feel so strong.  September 23rd, the day a few million lifetimes ago when he asked me to be his girl. Goofy, I know, but if you could see the look on my face via my webcam, you would either laugh, or understand.  God, how I love that man.